What if you could dream with no barriers?

Before any organization can enact sustainable, effective impact, they need a vision of what that impact will be. Catalystas can support your organization in its aspirational stage, setting the foundation for long lasting transformative change.

We Offer Support In

Organizational Strategy Development:

Building an organization from the ground up, from internal decision making structures to policy documents, to strategic plans, to vision mapping and staff needs assessments - Catalystas can provide general guidance and advisory services, templates and how-to guides, or hands-on support to get you to where you need to be.

We have successfully supported a number of NGOs in designing new or updating existing organizational strategies, enabling them to grow sustainably and ensure strong external activities based on clear goals, visions, and action plans.

Business Plan Development:

Every business needs structure, values, goals, and indicators. Whether you need a traditional or lean startup business plan, Catalystas can guide you through each step of development, from devising the perfect managerial structure, to crafting ideal service or product descriptions, developing marketing and sales strategies, outlining funding requirements and financial projections, and conducting in-depth market analysis. We can also support you in identifying key partnerships, activities, and resources; drafting a clear value proposition; determining revenue streams and cost structures; and honing customer relations and communications.

Research and Scoping Studies:

If you are interested in learning more about a potential new market, examining the current ecosystem in a given location, or understanding the complexities of a certain socio-political and economic context, our team of experts is ready to dive in. Catalystas conducts tailored research projects regularly, pulling from existing literature to understand the theoretical foundations before going further through on-the-ground observational research, interviews, focus groups, and qualitative and quantitative surveying to obtain a deep and comprehensive understanding of any subject matter. Our wide range of professional backgrounds coupled with our fluency in over ten languages allows us to access and analyze information from primary and secondary resources, synthesizing data into easily digestible reports, backgrounders, summaries, and studies - always with an eye on best practices and recommendations for your next steps.

Feasibility Study / Market Analysis:

In order to enter a new market, launch a new program, or begin work in a new location, you must first understand the current market, including needs, opportunities, and competitors. Catalystas can help you in compiling an investigation of ongoing trends and themes, competitive businesses and organizations, and existing strengths and weaknesses in the sector that will inform you of exactly how to achieve success.

Risk Assessment:

Catalystas can help you in identifying, analyzing, and evaluating the risks associated with your work, programming, investment, or other proposed activities, and create a tailored risk mitigation plan that addresses each and every risk, the likelihood of occurrence, potential impacts, the groups who might be harmed, the precautions or steps that need to be taken, and potential costs of mitigation and resolution.

Strategic Partnership Development:

Catalystas can help you in identifying and building the ideal team of organizations to realize your goals. We are experts in matching partners based on geography, subject matter, and funding needs, connecting the right people in the right places to ensure the effective implementation of high quality programming.

Roadmapping / Theory of Change Design:

A key element for the successful design, implementation, and evaluation of any program or project, Catalystas can help build actionable, step-by-step roadmaps and plans that lead to measurable and sustainable impacts. We can also support you in designing organizational and/or programmatic theories of change, examining your ultimate goals and the inputs and outcomes needed to realize them.

Pilot & Strategy Planning:

Whether you want to test a new approach with a small group of beneficiaries, or design a pilot program to reach multiple communities across a nation, Catalystas has a vast range of experience in designing pilot projects with clear M&E frameworks, sustainable implementation and expansion strategies, and effective key performance indicators. We have designed new programs from scratch, created expansion strategies for existing programs aimed at capturing new target groups and locations, and crafted adaptations to ensure existing projects can continue in changing circumstances such as Covid-19 or outbreaks of unrest and violence.

Welcome to Lysta: The Catalystas Database of Experts!

We built Lysta as an answer to one of our own problems: the need to quickly assemble teams of experts across various subject matter, geographic, linguistic, and thematic areas for projects and proposals as they arise. We quickly realized that we were not the only ones facing this challenge! With the speed that development projects require hiring, turnaround, and technical insights, we see first hand how helpful it is to have a ready-made database of vetted experts to call on.

For existing and potential Clients, you can access all consultant full profiles by signing up here as a client for free.

For consultants, adding your profile to Lysta means jumping to the top of the list for our clients in recruitment processes. We do the heavy lifting: the CV reviews, interviews, vetting, and personnel management; so when our clients come to us, they know they’re hiring someone they can trust to deliver high quality, timely results. Click here to add your profile for review.

We’re proud to be a link in the chain that connects the best of the best – don’t hesitate to reach out and see how you can put Lysta to work for you!