Courses & Training

With specialized expertise and experience designing and delivering virtual and in-person short-term trainings, in-depth course loads for higher education, interactive workshops, lectures and seminar sessions, and custom coaching and mentoring, the Catalystas team is well prepared to support your learning needs. We have supported capacity building, growth, and development for a wide range of audiences, including NGOs, public officials, private companies, academic institutions, and business associations. We fit our training approach to your skill level and objectives, drawing on our professional experiences to enrich our sessions with real life examples and interactive exercises.

A Selection of Topics Covered

• Communicating as a Leader

• Understanding Media

• Speechwriting

• Project Cycle Management

• Project Development

• Risk Assessment and Mitigation

• Agile and Adaptive Management

• Finding and Approaching Donors

• Effective Proposal Writing

• Fundraising Techniques

• Understanding the Concept of Vulnerability

• How to Mainstream Gender and Disability in your Project or Organization

• Ensuring Physical Accessibility in your Buildings and Activities

• Terrorism and Non-State Actors


• Disarmament and Counter-Proliferation

• Trade Controls

• International Policy

• Extradition and Cooperation Treaties

• Campaigns and Impacts on (Inter)national Policy in containing conflict financing, conventional arms control, gender inclusion, human rights, and more

• Awareness Raising and Advocacy Campaign Design

• Safe Activism – Online and Offline Procedures and Practices

The Catalystas team is versatile and comfortable making presentations to different types of audiences, in both formal and informal training environments, and both virtually and live. In these activities – as in all training and capacity building sessions – we are mindful of intercultural communications sensitivities.

Not sure if the topic or theme you need is covered? Get in touch! Our team is happy to work directly with you in order to design a custom made training to fit your needs, goals, and current levels. In addition to our team of in-house expert trainers, we also have a wide network of international professionals who offer further courses and training on development topics.

Online Courses & Trainings

Ethical Guidelines for Data Collection

This is an introductory, self-led course designed to teach the basics of how to conduct ethical qualitative data collection while in the field, with a focus on Key Informant Interviews (KIIs), Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), and observation techniques.  The training consists of an introduction and eleven short video modules, each covering a specific topic related to qualitative methods of ethical data collection. The videos are currently available in English with Arabic subtitles. If your team needs another language, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

Seeding Change: Growing an NGO

This is an introductory course designed to teach the basics of how to start a non-governmental organization (NGO). You will learn how to develop a strong organizational structure with clear guidelines, policies, and decision-making hierarchies. You will also learn how to create a clear organizational vision, five-year plan, P&MEAL mechanisms, focused projects with clear objectives, and the baseline requirements to make sure your organization fulfills all business, legal, and financial needs. Additionally, you will learn the basics of donor outreach, partner mapping, and program design. 

Welcome to Lysta: The Catalystas Database of Experts!

We built Lysta as an answer to one of our own problems: the need to quickly assemble teams of experts across various subject matter, geographic, linguistic, and thematic areas for projects and proposals as they arise. We quickly realized that we were not the only ones facing this challenge! With the speed that development projects require hiring, turnaround, and technical insights, we see first hand how helpful it is to have a ready-made database of vetted experts to call on.

For existing and potential Clients, you can access all consultant full profiles by signing up here as a client for free.

For consultants, adding your profile to Lysta means jumping to the top of the list for our clients in recruitment processes. We do the heavy lifting: the CV reviews, interviews, vetting, and personnel management; so when our clients come to us, they know they’re hiring someone they can trust to deliver high quality, timely results. Click here to add your profile for review.

We’re proud to be a link in the chain that connects the best of the best – don’t hesitate to reach out and see how you can put Lysta to work for you!