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Branding is usually defined as a name, slogan, sign, symbol, or design – or a combination of these elements. These concepts identify the products or services of a company. At Catalystas, branding is a bit more complex. A brand is more than a name or a logo; it’s everything your organization is, and how you are perceived by the world. Your brand is the feeling people get when they hear your name, the knowledge of your work that immediately comes to mind, and the way in which you can tell your truth and share your vision.

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Brand Attributes:

Catalystas can help your organization put its best foot forward, crafting a unique brand and image that will tell your story in a way that sets you apart from the rest. Our experts will take you through a series of exercises, usually conducted early on in a brand’s life, in collaboration with all the right stakeholders to determine which brand attributes should be created.

Brand Definition Exercise: Our experts will guide your team through a joint exercise to break down the process of creating a “brand statement”. Using a series of prompts, each relevant stakeholder will be able to share their thoughts and inputs, developing the core of your brand’s identity through a co-creative process.

Goals Definition Exercise: Without goals, there is no strategy. Catalystas is here to help you define your organization’s goals through this joint exercise process. We will guide you through determining your priorities and activities when it comes to Awareness, Revenue, and Efficiency, aimed at building the most effective and feasible timeline and roadmap for your team. Our experts are here to make sure your voices are heard; we create space for this guided discussion, enabling your team to find the perfect combination of sharp focus and inclusion.

Target Audience Research: Identifying your audience is a critical component of branding, regardless of whether your team is working in the public or private sector. Catalystas specializes in providing strategic and technical advice and guidance to take your team through a joint exercise in defining your customer base and determining their needs.

Brand Architecture:

Catalystas can support your organization by conducting a study to show how your brands, sub-brands, and other offerings are organized and how they relate to each other. This can help your brand to:

Stay organized internally:  Looking at the brand through the eyes of customers helps to identify any loopholes in organizational structure, and to develop the communication strategies that ensure the brand stays on track internally.

Manage perception: Developing brand architecture makes it easier to manage the perception of your brand and your offerings among outside audiences, as well as how each component of your organization fits together.

Create Synergy: Having an organized brand architecture creates synergy among the child brands and the parent brand, and helps deliver against a larger brand promise and the ultimate goals of your organization.

Brand Positioning:

Catalystas can lead you through the process of positioning your brand, either conducting market research or guiding your team to build research capacity. We will help you determine what makes your brand unique, what draws your customers or audience in, and how your brand and organization are viewed externally. Our experts work through a three-stage process, tailored to your organization’s needs, including analysis of both internal capabilities and market traits, positioning statement development, and reflection for alignment.

Brand Audits:

Organizational consistency is key to long-term success. Over time as staff and leadership evolve, your organization and its approaches and outreach may also change - whether intended or not. Our experts can conduct an audit of your organization to gain a fundamental understanding of where your brand stands in its current state, and how to maintain a consistent image and reach over time, regardless of internal developments. The brand audit has three parts:

Internal Branding: Positioning, Brand Values, Unique Selling Proposition (USP), Brand Promise, Brand Essence, Voice, Culture, Product / Service Positioning

External Branding: Corporate Identity, Collateral Brochures, Print Materials, Trade Show Displays, Advertising, Website, SEO, Social Media, Civic-involvement, News/PR, Content Marketing, Blogs, White Papers, Case Studies, Articles, Books, Testimonials, Videos

Systems and Infrastructure: Corporate Identity/Brand Standards, HR Policies/Onboarding Process, Sales Processes/Touch Points, Internal Systems, Institutional Knowledge Management, Customer Experience

Brand Alignment:

Catalystas’ experts can help your team by conducting a brand alignment study to measure how well your organization is fulfilling its brand promises, and how well your employees understand and communicate your brand’s key messages.

Are your people on the same page when it comes to describing your brand and service offerings? And once your firm has been hired, do they do the things they said they would? Brand alignment gets you to “yes” on both counts.

Brand Identity & Expressions:

Catalystas can help your organization from the outset: crafting a clear, unique, and captivating brand identity, with highly memorable taglines and logos that reflect your vision and values while relating to your audience base. We will help you design, develop, and build your brand from the basic foundations to the finishing touches.

Basic Identity: Naming and Tag-lines, Logo Design, Logo Variations, Logo Application

Identity Guideline: Logo Usage Guideline, Color Palettes, Typography, Iconography, Pattern, Photography Style, Video Editing Style

Brand UX/UI: Marketing Materials, Multimedia Production, Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing

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We built Lysta as an answer to one of our own problems: the need to quickly assemble teams of experts across various subject matter, geographic, linguistic, and thematic areas for projects and proposals as they arise. We quickly realized that we were not the only ones facing this challenge! With the speed that development projects require hiring, turnaround, and technical insights, we see first hand how helpful it is to have a ready-made database of vetted experts to call on.

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