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Holding several Masters degrees, a PhD, and specialized pedagogical training to adequately design course content and conduct formative evaluations, our team has a broad experience designing and delivering tailored training, lectures, as well as mentoring and coaching sessions to a wide range of audiences, from NGOs to public authorities, private companies, and academia. 

Catalystas can tailor for your audience stand-alone lectures, substantial training seminars, workshops, and formalized courses, as well as capacity building trajectories including mentoring and coaching sessions. We will fit the audience level of skills and objective, while drawing from our in-the-field experiences, in order to enrich the sessions with real-life examples. 

Have a tough challenge and want to think differently around it? We design and facilitate workshops, design and can teach content in the form of workshops, online courses, and university level courses using human-centered design to break your team out of its box and come up with new, user-centered solutions to challenges. 

Catalystas also provides training of trainers (ToT) programs making use of our in-field expertise as well as our focus toward innovation in design thinking methedologies. 

Our areas of expertise include: 

Communication: Communicating as a leader; Understanding media; Speechwriting 

(Good) Governance: Diplomacy, protocol, negotiation, international relations 

Project Management: Project Cycle Management, project development, risk assessment and mitigation, agile and adaptive management… 

Monitoring & Evaluation: How to plan an effective M&E system; How to conduct an equity-focused / developmental / empowerment evaluation… 

HR management: multi-cultural team management, Change management, leadership… 

Fundraising: How to find and approach donors, Effective proposal writing, fundraising techniques… 

CSR / Social Inclusion: Understanding the concept of vulnerability, How to mainstream gender and disability in your project/ organization, Ensuring the physical accessibility of your buildings and activities… 

Security: Terrorism and Non-State Actors, conventional arms control and mine action, CBRN, disarmament and counter-proliferation, trade controls, international policy, extradition and cooperation treaties.  

Advocacy and civic activismcampaigns and their impact on (international) policy in, e.g. containing conflict financing, conventional arms control, gender inclusion, and human rights. 

We can also deliver on-demand training products relevant to international cooperation, gender mainstreaming, security, peacebuilding, and humanitarian aid. 

Catalystas are versatile and comfortable making presentations to different types of audiences, in both formal and informal training environments. We are happy to pitch messages at panels, pack insights in one-off lectures, and stage seminars and workshops – such as to help raise awareness in advocacy endeavors. In these activities as in other training and capacity building, we are mindful of intercultural communications sensitivities. 


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Interested in learning more?

Interested to learn more?

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