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What Does Catalystas Do?

Just like a catalyst, we spark change. As a team of experts, we are here to offer our support to non-profits, social sustainable enterprises, international organizations, governments, and private companies who want to grow, change, or develop in new ways. We do this through offering a variety of services in: 

Fundraising & Philanthropy, Monitoring & Evaluation, Gender & Mainstreaming, Courses & Training, Design & Development.

Using inclusive and intersectional feminism as the basis of our approach, we help our clients help themselves through creating sustainable and effective pathways of change. 


Our Ambitions

Eliminate uninformed interventions and promote inclusive and effective program development;

Empower local communities to create safe, stable, and inclusive environments where all people, regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or socio-economic background, can reach their full potential.

Appraise the roles women currently play as entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and in other leadership positions and examine how those roles can and should shift for the future.




A kickass team of amazing international development practitioners who will help your organization reach its full potential.


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