Our Team

Beatrice Maneshi

Founder, Partner 

Aviva Stein

Co-Founder, Partner 

Sofía Cossar

Principal & Operations Manager

Judith Vollebregt


Rami Touma


Amélie Desjardins


Haley Dillan


Alex Muia


Noura Amkieh


Our Story

Established in 2018, our hybrid collective was born stemming from a need for a gender lens in the field of international development and cooperation. The absence of gender sensitivity in activities and programs across business, development, government, and humanitarian sectors was continuous and detrimental, leading to unintended consequences, unsustainable changes, and insignificant impacts. Since beginning operations, our team has successfully supported numerous governments, NGOs, civil society organizations, and social sustainable enterprises in mainstreaming gender as a means of creating lasting transformation, meticulously evaluating existing programs and activities, and creatively innovating new solutions all over the globe.

who are the catalystas ?
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What is Feminism to Catalystas?

  • Our Feminism is gender sensitive, inclusive of men, and participatory
  • Our Feminism recognizes inequities as structural
  • Our Feminism is intersectional
  • Our Feminism is transformative, not misandrous
  • Our Feminism is built on the foundations of accountability in governance, environmental sustainability, open market economic progress, empowered civil societies, and technological innovation

Methodologies and Practice

Everyone is Unique

We believe in  tailor-made solutions that fit each specific context and keep every audience and ambition in mind.

Equity-Focused Approach

We focus on inclusion through human-centered designs, with localized contexts and issues at the core, and special attention given to the most vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Theory Vs. Practice

We utilize our training across various sets of standards and methodologies to ensure high quality and easily adaptable services (Sphere Humanitarian Standards, OECD DAC evaluation criteria, Core Humanitarian Standards, Scrum and agile management).


We actively practice qualifying our qualitative findings and research with quantitative figures, primary sources, and native language analysis.

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Organizations We Have Worked With