Case Study: Caritas Austria

Case Study: Caritas AustriaCatalystas: Aviva Stein, Judith Vollebregt, Haley Dillan, Daphne MulderOver the summer of 2021, Catalystas took the Caritas Austria team on a learning journey, helping them to solidify the foundation of their Middle East ed ...


Case Study: Stichting Help Kobane

Catalystas helped Stichting Help Kobanê grow from a small group of friends to a fully-fledged NGO, organizing internal structures, creating strategies, developing projects, and ultimately launching and running an initial fundraising campaign to support the education of young children in a war-torn region of Syria.

By enhancing their internal organizational structure, focusing on both short and long term goals, and planning and executing a social-media driven crowdfunding campaign, SHK outperformed all expected targets, better positioning itself to continue with a solidified financial foundation to take on new projects and campaigns.