Case Study: Caritas Austria

Case Study: Caritas AustriaCatalystas: Aviva Stein, Judith Vollebregt, Haley Dillan, Daphne MulderOver the summer of 2021, Catalystas took the Caritas Austria team on a learning journey, helping them to solidify the foundation of their Middle East ed ...


Case Study: Dutch MFA- Sahel Entrepreneurship

In 2019, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aiming to Start a powerful new initiative across Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger to boost Youth Job Creation in Ag Value Chains and Empower Women and Youth Entrepreneurship —  But Where to start and how to be the most impactful in the Sahel?  Catalysts Consulting has just the right team, gender focus, and drive to undertake the baseline country assessment to provide insights how the Embassy and the  Netherlands Enterprise Development Agency(RVO) could best make soon to be in place strategy for intervention.

Project Evaluations

Tenants of Equity-Focused Project Evaluation

Catalystas helped Stichting Help Kobanê grow from a small group of friends to a fully-fledged NGO, organizing internal structures, creating strategies, developing projects, and ultimately launching and running an initial fundraising campaign to support the education of young children in a war-torn region of Syria.

By enhancing their internal organizational structure, focusing on both short and long term goals, and planning and executing a social-media driven crowdfunding campaign, SHK outperformed all expected targets, better positioning itself to continue with a solidified financial foundation to take on new projects and campaigns.


CASE STUDY: ActionAid Kenya Isiolo

Aviva Stein worked alongside ActionAid Netherlands in order to assist the Country Office in Kenya with mid-project evaluation reporting. ActionAid is an international NGO dedicated to supporting women’s rights, empowering local communities, and combating inequality in developing countries.