Aurelie Viard-Cretat shaking hands with a four year old beneficary of her emergency relief lead program in Congo

Monitoring & Evaluation

Strong monitoring and evaluation procedures are key to ensuring the success and future growth of your organization. At Catalystas, we will make sure your organization’s programs are fulfilling their potential and creating the desired positive impacts for their beneficiaries and all involved. 

External Mid-Term and Final Evaluations 

Our experts are trained and experienced in designing and implementing tailor-made external evaluations, both at mid-term as well as at the completion of your project. 

Using a mix of quantitative and qualitative data collection methods, we make sure that both the depth and breadth of the data collected are comprehensive, thus ensuring the validity and objectivity of the evaluation results. 

We will assess your projects against the traditional OECD-DAC criteria (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability), Core Humanitarian Standards, or any other criteria required, while shedding light on the structural bottlenecks that may hinder the quality of your activities. 

Evaluations led by Catalystas are positive, participatory, and equity-based. This ensures that the process is respectful of, and empowering for, all stakeholders, including the most marginalized and vulnerable. 

Our culturally and gender-sensitive team will work to collect and analyze disaggregated data (i.e. gender, ethnicity, disability, socioeconomic status, etc.) all while placing an emphasis on accountability. 


Catalystas will support your organization in designing and applying a monitoring system to effectively oversee the implementation of your activities, and make sure that everything is on track to reach your planned objectives. This involves determining the right indicators of achievement, relevant sources of verification, and most efficient division of tasks between team members to ensure a smooth and timely process. 

We will also support you in reflecting on and implementing corrective measures in response to any deviation from your project plan, in order to mitigate the negative impact of any obstacles you may meet along the course of your program.  

Organizational Capacity Assessment 

Sometimes you need a little help seeing things from a different perspective. By providing a fresh and clear view from the outside, Catalystas Consulting is perfectly situated to assess your organization’s internal structure and develop recommendations based on your unique situation.  

We design strategies and tools based on methodologies from the UNDP, HRBA, OECD, and the NGO CARD capacity assessment. We also implement participatory self-assessments in order to ensure that we can assess contexts from multiple perspectives. This allows us to cover leadership and management, service delivery, human resources management, operational implementation, communications, resource mobilization, stakeholders and partnerships, and reporting and outcome monitoring.  

Additionally, we are also trained in methods specifically designed to evaluate capacity building programs. 

Governance Analysis and Guidance           

We will provide a full assessment of your organization’s board, highlighting issues relating to capacity, structure, recruitment, orientation, governance, and term limits.  We also support organizations in formulating boards, structures of internal practice, and internal response and reporting mechanisms to ensure your team, firm, or organization runs smoothly. 

Catalystas additionally works to support governmental structures in implementing and adhering to international treaty regimes, protocols, and strategies set out before them. Our team is experienced working directly with governments in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Balkans, and the Middle East in implementing and designing new governance structures of practice in the fields of: security, economy, social services, humanitarian aid, and electoral processes.  

Trade and Financial Compliance and Due Diligence                              

We have worked in some of the most dangerous areas of the world, which also form some of the world’s biggest untapped markets. With the desire to tap-into high-risk zones and markets it is important to make sure your company is complying with obligations to partners, national, and international regulatory frameworks. Let us support your business and team with your compliance checks. Catalystas specializes in US FCPA Regulations, UK Bribery Act Regulations, and EEA MiFID directive and obligations.   

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