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Fundraising & Philanthropy

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a chore. Let Catalystas help develop the perfect fundraising strategy for your organization – one that keeps in mind your goals, projects, and personality. We’ll bring your voice to the forefront and show your donors exactly why you’re worth supporting. Our fundraising services include: 

Strategy, Development, and Planning 

We’ll look long term, creating detailed and strategic plans of action that will lay the foundations for your organization to develop sustainable revenue streams and accommodate future growth. 

Crowdfunding Guidance 

Side by side, we’ll work to showcase the voice of your organization to the public: its hopes, its dreams, and its needs. We’ll prepare and implement a campaign that captivates audiences with the vision and drive behind your project, giving the world just the platform it needs to support you. 

Grant Writing 

We’ll help with the heavy lifting – our writers are experts in developing statements of interest (SOIs), pitches, proposals, grants, and budgets. Working together, we can determine the best funding path for your organization, whether that involves philanthropic, institutional, corporate, or other donors. 

We master the art of logical frameworks, convincing theories of change (TOC), and gender-mainstreaming and financial and budget design and allocation.  

Philanthropic Planning  

Whether you are coming from the angle of a charitable trust, corporate sponsor, or governmental organization, Catalystas will support you in designing effective calls for proposals and assessing applicants to ensure that funds are being spent in a way that delivers your expected impact.  

We will provide you with innovative solutions that help both you, as the donor and grantees, assess and report in a short, insightful, and cost-effective way.  

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As a team of experts, we are here to offer our support to non-profits, social sustainable enterprises, international organizations, governments, and private companies who want to grow, change, or develop in new ways.