Aviva Stein in Serakanyeh Syria in 2015 working to support the reconstruction of North Syria after ISIS fighting.

Design & Development

Our changemakers support clients through providing expertise in multicultural, multi-sector, private, and non-profit project management and development. Our objective is to help you improve your organization’s performance, meeting and surpassing your goals with our assistance in analyzing existing issues and developing plans for improvement and implementation. 

Project Proposal Design 

Great ideas can lead to great impacts if the road-maps and plans for implementation are developed soundly with compelling factual figures, realistic intervention models, resourceful indicators, and a strategic monitoring and evaluation mechanism. Let our team assist your staff in developing an outstanding project proposal that is sure to convince donors to provide funding, as well as building a framework for implementation that is realistic and achievable for your organization. 

Service Design 

‘Service Design is the craft of tying together human, digital, and physical interactions, over time, to create an experience that meets the needs of your users.’ We build responsive, human-centered services based on deep understanding of your users and the systems within which they operate that will help you achieve higher impact. 

Program Coordination and Operational Strategies and Implementation                     

International program coordination is no small feat. Between differing times zones, linguistic diversity, cultural sensitivities, and region-specific risks for implementation, coordinating concurrent international programs requires a specific aptitude and approach to ensure the delivery of qualified and quality outputs. 

Gender Policy and Practice Consulting 

Gender and policy analysis are key elements in today’s world. Not only are these good practices for your programs and organization as a whole, but they are also often required by donors and investors. Let us assist or develop your organization’s gender policies and practices guidelines, which will ensure your program and organizational gender equality values. 

Catalystas offers specialized consulting focused on women’s rights, rule of law and governance, civic-engagement and empowerment, social inclusion, resilience and livelihood development, education, advocacy training, counter-extremism, peace and security, and asylum and refugee response and support. 

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