Catalystas Consulting offers a fresh outside perspective on your organization.

We’ll conduct a thorough review of internal and external factors at all levels of operation and organization, and provide you with recommendations for ways to meet your short and long-term goals, facilitate sustainable program planning, and more through:

Vision Mapping

Catalystas can help your organization reach its aims for the future through a series of vision and team building exercises and organizational capacity analysis.

User Research & Prototyping 

We provide participative design research services to understand the wants, needs, motivations and behaviors of your users and customers. This research will provide valuable insights to better design services and products to meet their needs. We can then rapidly convert those insights into prototypes and conduct field testing.

Situational Analysis

Utilizing our array of cultural, industry-specific, socio-political, and linguistic skills, we can help you devise and understand the program, project, or market your organization aims to integrate into. Our team has expertise in the Middle East, the Americas, Africa, and Europe ranging across industries such as e-education, sustainability, B2C, human development and rights, and democratic practices as well as civil society empowerment programs and projects.

Transformative Strategy 

The world is changing rapidly. Technologies like blockchain, VR / AR and AI are rapidly transforming industry and social impact. We can help your organization understand how these technologies can and will influence your work and develop a strategy and use cases for how to best incorporate them.

Implementation Planning

We’ll provide you with guidance for accomplishing both your short and long-term goals, such as reaching new targets for annual giving rates or entering a new market successfully in foreign domains.

Recent Cases

Interested in learning more?

Interested to learn more?

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